In Imtech Spain we are aware of the importance of full maintenance in healthcare institutions where activity never ceases. Nowadays, it is an essential factor in the healthcare sector because of the use and development of equipment and techniques used in medical tests and treatments, as well as the quality control of the medical equipment. This is the reason why Imtech considers essential to offer preventive and corrective maintenance services for hospital equipment, ensuring its proper utilization, preservation, and durability.

Any flaw in the system can set off a series of failures that could add up to be dangerous. This is why our response time is immediate. We are constantly researching and implementing the latest technological advances so that our clients, business partners, and users can be confident that they are in good hands.

Imtech has extensive experience in this field. We maintain all kinds of medical equipment, such as OR and ICU equipment, laboratory equipment, hemodialysis equipment, diagnostic equipment, and other devices such as monitors or blood pressure machines.

Our broad set of skills in the sphere of medical equipment services enables us to offer:

  • Full maintenance managemens
  • Systems installation
  • Medical equipment engineering
  • Equipment technical evaluation
  • Inspections and calibrations