Code of Conduct

Imtech Spain has a corporate Code of Conduct, which lays down rules to be presiding over the ethical behavior of all employees in their professional activity and in regard to the relationships and interactions they have with all its stakeholders: customers, suppliers and external collaborators, shareholders, the public and private institutions, competition and society in general.

This Code oblige all professionals of Imtech Spain, regardless of their hierarchical level and its geographical or functional location. To consult or inform possible non-fulfillments Imtech has created a Commission, composed of employees of the company. The Code of Conduct of Imtech Spain, in addition to establishing the rules governing how to proceed, is an expression of its fundamental values.

Some of the rules contained in the Code are aimed at ensuring by the employees, commitment to human rights and public freedoms; the principle of non-discrimination and equal opportunities; the protection of the environment; safety and health at work; relations with clients or an anti-corruption policy.