• Company principles and HR principles: The company collects and presents its vision on these principles, on how corporate social responsibility, transparency and integrity are intrinsic to the functioning of Imtech Spain and are applicable to all employees.
  • CO2 reduction: Imtech Spain has implemented the policy of limiting travel and increasing communication via other methods such as video conferences, webcams, chat or e-mail.
  • Socially responsible procurement: a “Code of Sustainable Supply”, based on the carbon footprint – a criterion to measure the actions of human activity on the environment – has been developed to our suppliers and the own company. Our goal for 2015 was 60% of the multi-division framework contracts had signed this Code.
  • Corporate Citizenship: program launched by Imtech for the development of CSR projects in developing countries, led by employees of the company. In 2012, Imtech Spain carried out several projects related to the use of solar energy in Peru.
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment: Imtech meets the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment which are certified under ISO quality standards, and have the necessary safety certificates and extra certifications for specific projects.
  • Waste management policy: to establish global policies regarding the management of waste produced in our business.


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