Equality Plan

Among the actions implemented in Corporate Social Responsibility, Imtech Spain has an Equality Plan which guarantees equality of opportunity between men and women and our strong commitment to non-discrimination and respect for our employees.

This Plan, which applies in all workplaces of Imtech in Spain, is one of the first between the companies in our sectors of activity. An Equality Commission, created for this purpose, develops and monitors performance of the axes defined therein.
The Plan was designed after carrying out a gender diagnosis which analyzed the workforce, quantitatively and qualitatively, as well as processes related to managing people. The results served to establish areas for improvement across nine areas with different targets and actions.

These lines of action, as defined in the Equality Plan, are divided into: culture and leadership, access to employment, training and development, career development, remuneration, language and image, harassment prevention, conciliation of work, personal and family time, and guarantees for victims of gender violence.