The quality is a priority in the activities of Imtech. The guidelines and general objectives in relation to guide quality management are reflected in our Quality Policy.

Management has defined as a basic strategy for the success of the company, developing its activities in the concept of total quality in all aspects and areas. The operating philosophy of continuous improvement of the overall quality of work involves a philosophy of zero defects.

Imtech has established several strategic guidelines in this regard:

• Maintain leadership in quality of products and services company.
• Remain competitive with companies operating in the sector.
• Maintain an attitude of continuous improvement of products, services and organization.
• Apply quality system on a broader aspect, so that each department considers the others as their own customers.
• Prefer the preventive aspect of the correction in each of the activities.
• Achieved by, for both customer satisfaction and improved business results.
• Full responsibility for the quality of their work and verification according to the plans.