Health & Safety

Imtech is a priority to ensure that their activities are carried out while maintaining the highest level of security for all workers. To achieve this, is committed to providing its employees with a safe environment and is committed to continuously upgrade the prevention of occupational hazards and to comply with applicable regulations in this area in places where it develops its activities.

Imtech has an active policy on Occupational Health and Safety which aims to promote improved working conditions and the level of protection, safety and health of their employees. Beside this, Imtech develops campaigns for prevention of occupational hazards to all workers in Spain, whether staff or contractors, in support of the other actions the company is usually running on prevention. The main objective is to continue raising awareness to all people working in the company, the importance of safety, health and environmental care. The principles described by the company and included in these campaigns are based primarily on how to deal with situations of risk, the use of protective equipment, or respect for the environment, among others.

Imtech: commitment to safety.